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Manly has over 50 years experience in producing interlinings, as well as canvas and antistatic knitted lining amongst other products for the textile industry. Over the years, they have adjusted and managed their working processes to enhance the capacity to respond better to the customers. We have started producing cotton fusible interlining focused on men and lady shirts as well as other kinds of garments. In the mean time, we widened our range of products, introducing fusible and non-fusible interlinings for tailoring, casual men, women and children wear.

Following market trends, we have spent the last few years developing and producing special types of interlinings for dyed and chemical washed garments. Manly uses latest technology, always having in mind environmental preservation. The Manly team consists of technical and dynamic professionals, trained to constantly respond to all customer requirements.

Interlining Types & Application

Shirts & Blouses Interlining

Our technical knowledge will recommend you the best shirt interlining combination.

100% classic cotton & syntethic qualities

Woven qualities

Dyed and chemical wash

Low or high temperature fusing

Non fusible coating cotton for traditional shirts

Hydro soluble adhesive coating for washed and dyed shirts and blouses

Lady & Men's Wear

Woven interlining (15 to 340 gr/m2)

Non woven interlining (20 to 60 gr/m2)

Weaving Structure

Taffeta 1/1

Twill 2/2

Twill 3/1

Weft insertion

Circular knitting

Dyed & Washed Garments

Our partnerships with various industrial laundries has helped us develop some special coatings for these processes, enabling us to anticipate technical solutions.

Special coating for dyed and chemical washed garments

Multi-elasticity articles witch enable them to attend to the fabric's elasticity

Light weighted and weaved, with thin yarns to attend to light fabrics such as silks

Canvas & Horse Hair

Qualities: 110 gr/m2 - 220 gr/m2

Natural and synthetic yarns



Under Colar Felt

Natural and synthetic fibers

Single and double face colour

Knitted Lining for Women's Wear

Antistatic linings from 74 to 110 gr/m2

Wide range of shades

Colors on demand

Antistatic finishing